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Q&A: Amy Bush Stevens, vice president of prevention and public health policy at the Health Policy Institute of Ohio

Jan 29th, 2018

Amy Bush Stevens is the vice president of prevention and public health policy at the Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO), which provides Ohio policymakers with independent, nonpartisan health policy analysis. Bush Stevens spoke with Interact about how the organization has used its Health Value Dashboard t... Read More

Collaborative offers chance to share, learn among health foundations

Oct 9th, 2017

Interact for Health recently had the chance to show visitors from Virginia and Texas the work our grantees are doing across the region. It was all part of the Health Legacy Collaborative Learning Circle, co-funded by the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings. The yearlong project has brought together four health foundations of similar size and wit... Read More

Avondale and Northern Kentucky collaboratives selected to participate in BUILD Health Challenge

Sep 25th, 2017

Community partnerships in Avondale and Northern Kentucky have has been selected by a coalition of 12 funding organizations, including Interact for Health, to participate in the BUILD Health Challenge, a national program that strengthens multi-sector community partnerships to improve health for everyone. Avondale and Northern... Read More

Q&A: Amy Barkley, regional director Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Aug 14th, 2017

Amy Barkley is the regional director for the Tobacco States and Mid-Atlantic Region at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which advocates for laws that prevent kids from using tobacco products, help tobacco users quit and protect people from secondhand smoke. Barkley spoke with Interact for Health about the lessons learned from her time with the Campaign.... Read More