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Classes teach how to help someone experiencing a mental health challenge

May 10th, 2016

Would you be able to recognize the signs of a mental health challenge if it happened to someone you care about? Would you know how to help? The need for these skills is very real. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four U.S. adults has a mental illness. And the Greater Cincinnati Community Health Status Survey fou... Read More

Q&A: Active Living by Design

Apr 11th, 2016

Active Living By Design is an organization that helps facilitate grants and investments to implement projects aimed at building healthy communities across the country. The organization provides expertise in variety of areas, including public health, nutrition, urban planning, community development, public policy and more. Risa Wilkerson, executive director of Active Living By Design, and Joan... Read More

Wellness program encourages healthy habits with fresh fruits and veggies

Mar 28th, 2016

As you know, we here at Interact for Health are passionate about improving people’s health. That starts with our own associates. Our wellness program aims to make it easier for them to have healthy habits. We want to share some of the things we do so that other firms can develop their own wellness practices. First up: our fruit and vegetable del... Read More

Q&A: Indiana task force battles heroin epidemic

Mar 14th, 2016

Indiana State Health Commissioner Jerome Adams is a member of Gov. Mike Pence's Task Force on Drug Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention, which was convened in 2015 to identify ways to combat the state's opioid and heroin misuse epidemic. Adams says that each community faces its own unique challenges and strengths in addressing substance use disorders. The task force, he sa... Read More

Boone County Public Library spurs active living

Feb 29th, 2016

Not many folks think of their local public library when they think of the term "active living." But Boone County residents know that for the past two years, they've had a great partner in building an active and healthy lifestyle through the Boone County Public Library.

Launched in 2014 with a grant from Interact for Health, the Check-It-Out: Active Lifestyles initiative... Read More