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To ensure people in our region have a just opportunity to live their healthiest lives.


People in our region are healthy and thriving, regardless of who they are or where they live.


  • We tackle root causes. We work to undo and prevent unfair systems, policies and all forms of racism and discrimination.
  • We amplify community power. Acknowledging our privilege as a funder, we know that those closest to a problem are closest to the solutions. 
  • We speak openly. We don’t shy away from hard conversations. We are brave in words and actions.
  • We partner with trust. We come to the table with humility, honesty and transparency. We start by listening.
  • We are relentless problem solvers. We work with curiosity, urgency and flexibility. We take risks, innovate and learn from mistakes. 
  • We strive for impact. We work to achieve positive, lasting change at scale. We are future-focused and seek to transform the status quo.