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Fairfield school-based health center helping kids learn and stay healthy

Mar 25, 2018

Guadalupe, a young student in the Fairfield City School District, had a vision problem. Thanks to the staff at the district's school-based health center operated by Primary Health Solutions, she can now see clearly with glasses. The SBHC is the first and largest comprehensive health center in a suburban school district in the nation.

Dozens of students go to the SBHC each day to see the medical practitioner, the dentist, the optometrist or the behavioral health specialist. Everyone agrees, offering these services through school is better for students and their families.

"By being able to provide all the services here and the parents don't have to take time off from work, it makes it much better for the students to be able to get all the services that they need," says Marc Bellisario, president and CEO of Primary Health Solutions.

Students and their families are learning about preventive care versus urgent care and learning how to manage their own health.

"They're learning how to make appointments," says Interact for Health Senior Program Officer Francie Wolgin. "They're high school students who have never had dental services and we have learned that over time, healthy students are better ready to learn and capable of just doing so much more."

Watch the video below to learn how the SBHC is overcoming language barriers and about the partnerships that helped make it happen.

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