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Findlay Market App Delivers SNAP Impact

Apr 2, 2024

Findlay Market App Delivers SNAP Impact

The conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live and age shape our daily lives. Many of these things influence our health and well-being, like access to nutritious and affordable food.   
In our community, not all people have the same access to fresh food and affordable options to feed their families. According to US Census and USDA data, 62% of Cincinnatians have low access to healthy foods – living one-half mile from a grocery store in an urban area or 10 miles in a rural area - compared to 53% at the state level. This means that in Cincinnati, 18% of households receive support from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP can be used at grocery stores and farmers markets, including our local Findlay Market. 
For decades, Findlay Market has been an iconic cultural landmark, a gathering place and a stable source of fresh foods in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. While grocery stores and convenience stores have come and gone, Findlay Market has been a neighborhood grocer for 130 years.  

Findlay Market customers shop and dine. Provided by Interact for Health  

According to Findlay Market, about 25% of customers use SNAP benefits to shop. SNAP is accepted by a large majority of vendors at the market. Through a partnership with Produce Perks Midwest, Findlay Market will match every $1 spent on produce. SNAP uses present their card to Findlay Market staff and are given tokens for up to $25 of free, fresh produce from local farms. For example, if a resident with SNAP benefits plans to buy $50 of produce, they will only be charged $25 and can use the tokens to cover the rest of the cost. This effectively doubles the purchasing power of customers using SNAP benefits. 
Just this year, Findlay Market expanded these benefits to their online app, The Findlay Market Shopping App, with unique features built specifically to serve Findlay Market’s customers and over 65 vendors. Around 50% of SNAP users on the app use the matching benefit, something Findlay Market hopes continues to grow as more customers hear of the program. 
"Findlay Market is so happy to provide an inclusive and accessible shopping experience online, just as we do at the Market. We have outstanding community partners, committed small businesses and an incredible team that makes it possible for every person to have access to fresh, local foods,” said Kelly Lanser, President and CEO of Findlay Market.  
The app also makes shopping with SNAP easier – in addition to the $25 free match on produce, more vendors accept SNAP on the app than in person. The app also waives delivery charges and service fees for SNAP users in select ZIP codes. The innovative online shopping experience delivers the same commitment to inclusion with added accessibility. 

 Findlay Market Shopping App Fulfillment Center. Provided by Findlay Market 

This program is just one of many ways Findlay Market keeps our community connected to local farmers and keeps fresh produce affordable for community members. Read more about their programs for seniors and families experiencing food insecurity here.  
To learn more about how Findlay Market continues to grow and serve our community one grocery order at a time, subscribe to their newsletter.  


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