Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities, formerly the Assistance for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Center, has spearheaded substance abuse prevention in Greater Cincinnati since 2000. Our successful community development model enables Interact for Health to embed health promotion into the fabric of grant-recipient communities. Through coaching, workshops and financial support, we help grant recipients successfully execute health improvement strategies. Our grassroots approach emphasizes partnership, process ownership, sustainability and measurable results. We believe that dedicated people -- working together -- can transform cultures and profoundly improve the health of their communities.

Throughout Greater Cincinnati individuals and organizations have great ideas about how to make their communities healthier. Interact for Health helps them put their ideas into practice. Our work is grounded in relationships. We work with individuals and groups who are passionate about promoting health in their communities and help them partner with other members of their communities. Together we work to understand and remove the obstacles that keep community members from fully enjoying healthy lives.

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Happening Now

  • Chronic medical conditions prevalent among Greater Cincinnati children

    Asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety are the most commonly diagnosed chronic conditions among children in the Greater Cincinnati region, according to data collected through the 2017 Child Well-Being Survey.

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  • Most Ohio adults think state should adopt health education standards

    The Ohio Health Issues Poll (OHIP) is conducted every year to learn more about the health opinions, behaviors and status of adults in Ohio. In 2017, OHIP asked Ohio adults about state health education standards.

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  • Health and healthy behaviors among youth in our region.

    The 2017 Child Well-Being Survey (CWBS) asked parents and guardians of youth in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to describe the overall health of their child. CWBS also asked about specific health behaviors such as physical activity and sleep patterns.

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  • Results show shift in perception from substance abuse being seen as moral failure to a chronic illness.

    The Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) found that 7 in 10 Kentucky adults believe that addiction is a disease (70%). Attitudes towards addiction as a disease were the same both among respondents who have a family member or friend who has experienced problems with substance abuse, and among those who did not indicate such firsthand experience with addiction.

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  • Kentucky adults continue to cite heroin use as causing problems for friends, family

    The most recent Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) and Ohio Health Issues Poll (OHIP) has found that more than 2 in 10 Ohio adults (23%) report knowing someone who has trouble as a result of using heroin, while just under 2 in 10 Kentucky adults (16%) report knowing someone affected by heroin use.

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