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Greater Cincinnati COVID-19 Health Issues Survey

Launched in 2020, the Greater Cincinnati COVID-19 Health Issues Survey is part of an ongoing research effort by Interact for Health and the University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research. Through a combination of telephone and online surveys, the project aims to understand the public’s behaviors, attitudes and opinions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination.

Greater Cincinnati COVID-19 Health Issues Survey

Using the survey data

These results are free to download and print, provided they are not used for a commercial purpose, that you do not collect any fees for the reproductions, and that they are faithfully reproduced without addition, alteration or abbreviation.

Note: Complete datasets from the COVID-19 telephone surveys are available on the Online Analysis and Statistical Information System (OASIS). To view these and other surveys, register for a free account and you will be directed to a new page where you can access to all Interact for Health raw survey data.  If you have any questions please contact Colleen Desmond at

For more information about the survey, contact

Colleen Desmond, Research and Evaluation Officer

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