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Majority of Greater Cincinnati adults support masking, proof of vaccination

Jan 26, 2022

Why this is important

The emergence of the Omicron variant has caused case counts in early 2022 to reach record high levels. Thus, public health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are increasingly important. This includes wearing masks, providing proof of vaccinations and receiving booster shots as recommended.  

Key data takeaways from the Greater Cincinnati COVD-19 Health Issues Survey

Percentage of Greater Cincinnati adults who think it’s a good idea for businesses to:  

  • Require employees to wear masks while working in person: 70%
  • Require people to wear masks when attending events with large crowds indoors: 69%
  • Require people to wear masks when attending events with large crowd outdoors: 54% 
  • Require employees to get a vaccination before working in person: 52%
  • Require people to show proof of vaccination to attend large events in person indoors: 55%
  • Require people to show proof of vaccination to attend large events in person outdoors: 45%

Almost 4 in 5 (78%) Greater Cincinnati adults who had already received a COVID-19 vaccine at the time of the survey reported they were very or somewhat likely to get a COVID-19 booster.

Yet in the seven weeks since the survey was conducted around 2 in 5 vaccinated adults in the region have received a booster dose.  


“Just like we dress in layers to go out in cold weather, we need to layer safety measures for COVID-19. The first and most important is getting vaccinated and boosted as recommended for your age group. Second, face masks have been shown to prevent the transmission of the virus. Social distancing and hand washing are other steps. Businesses can add to the layers of protection by considering policies to require masking and vaccination. The more people and businesses combine these measures, the more protection our community will have against widespread transmission of the virus.” Kate Schroder, President and CEO of Interact for Health 

More information 

To schedule a vaccine or booster shot, please visit:  

For further data and graphics from the Greater Cincinnati COVID-19 Health Issues Survey on masking and proof of vaccination, please visit Previously released data on the public’s behaviors, attitudes and opinions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination, can be found at  

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